Two Person Money Shoot

PCA 2 Person Team Signup Sheet

Perry County Archers Two Person Team Shoot
(Best arrow scoring)

Shoot date is June 2nd
Entry Fee of $40 per team with 50% payback to the top three teams. (No Checks)

The payback will be divided as follows 1st place 50%, 2nd place 30%, and 3rd place 20% to be paid at the end of the shoot.

Registration will open at 7am and close at 8:30 am.
Only 40 teams per class. Early registration is encouraged.
Shoot start time is 9am (Shotgun start)

Classes are Blue stake 50yards, Red stake 40 yards maximum.

Blue teams consist of compound bows with no restrictions and crossbows.

Red teams consist of compound bows Hunter class and Youth under 17 years of age.
Hunter restrictions (pin sights without lenses and sights cannot be moved once tournament is started, Stabilizers must fit within 12 inches of a single point of attachment)
Youth 17 and under no restrictions on compound bows.

Teams can be mixed as long as they are shooting from the same color stake.

No rangefinders or aiming aids such as steady sticks.

Team members will shoot together and can discuss yardage among themselves.

Main course will consist of 20 targets. Scoring will be center x ring 11, heart ring 10, lung ring 8, anywhere else on the animal 5, and misses as zero. (IBO scoring)

After the main course of shooting the top five teams will shoot in a five target shoot off to determine the top three. Previous scores will be discarded.
Teams will be allowed 2 minutes to take their shots.
Scoring will be 14ring, Offset x 12, Heart ring 10, Lung rung 8, anywhere else on the animal a 5, and misses zero. (ASA scoring)
Scores will be posted after each animal is shot so all teams can see their ranking. Scoring will be done by three judges and arrows will be retrieved by them. (shooters will not be allowed to walk to the targets.

Spectators will be present and encouraged.

Arrows will be scored where they land.
Robin Hoods will be scored as the arrow they are imbedded in. (if an arrow bounces out of another arrow and does not stick into the target it can be scored the same as the arrow with the contact damage)
If an arrow glances off another it must be scored where it lands as long as it is in the target.